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Thank U guys

Originally Posted by Big Ted
very nice!
Originally Posted by bigdreama
White....the FASTEST color.

Let the farkling begi......uh, continue.
Originally Posted by jdub
Nice, congrats! Good call on the black Adventure rims too!
Originally Posted by TUCKERS
farkle on brother, farkle on! Love itI

Originally Posted by rider1150gsadv
Thank U guys! eh I thought Red is the fastest?

Originally Posted by JimVonBaden
Yup, that's ugly all right!


PS What side cases are you getting?
Hi Jim - I yet to decide, high likely I'll go for adventure panniers. For time being, I'm settling down with my Ortlieb duffle bag

Originally Posted by Hotspice
VERY Sharp

So, what's the sticker on the front fender mean?

It's my regn no#....btw, I've put on the "illegal" type kindda sticker. It's smaller, its silver in colour instead of white and on 3M carbon sticker as base and all those NOT as per the law

Originally Posted by sempergumby
En. Jinx ~

Hey, sweet! What an awesome bike! But I can only imagine how much that thing must've cost you in Malaysia. Went to a BMW bike shop in KL to check things out a couple years ago and your plain Jane vanilla GS was almost USD 30k! Geeyawd! Can only imagine what an Adventure must cost...

Is the road tax high on it?

See you got the EU spec LED brake and turn signals, too. Am seriously jealous here!

You definitely live in a great place to ride. Just be careful of those crazy cagers and suicidal mat rempit...

Jim, lane splitting in Malaysia (like a lot of SE Asian places) takes on a whole new meaning (and is certainly not limited to "lanes"). Will be challenging enough wrestling the big GS through those gridlocked cars (even if they're half its size). Couldn't imagine doing it with side cases on the bike...

Oh, and Hotspice, the sticker on the front is the bike registration number (the "P" is for Penang, where the bike's registered). In Malaysia, they require you to have the number on the front and back. But many guys are a little liberal about where they apply them.

Take care & ride safe,

~ Steve
Apa khabar Steve!

The bike does cost me my years of savings BUT I'm taking it rewarding myself as working like lembu (cow) for many many years....

I'm hoping to clock some mileage soon

Btw, where do U base now? Or U have been working here in Malaysia before?

And GS Adventure only cost us an additional RM8K (USD$2.3K).... and with added 40kg of weight

Originally Posted by AndyCap
Congratulations. Beautiful bike. I imagine you had to call in to work for a few days after getting her home?
That will be a nightmare.... LOL

Originally Posted by PukaWai
Wouldn't mind the Fedex guy dropping a box like that on my doorstep . Is there a "new bike" smell in there?
It was in my Santa wish list but Santa never send me any for many many Christmas....

She smell woody.... many due to many weeks being caged in that wooden box.....

Originally Posted by AQUN
Looks like his number plate !!!!

Real nice good taste have fun enjoy and go out and play.
MY wish came true.....
'10 R 1200 Gelände/Straße

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