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So I finally got out for some real riding.

14.5 hours and 365 miles later, looped it once and got it good and stuck in a mud hole. I think I've got it broken in

The 3 days of riding was mixed single / double track, jeep road, gravel, highway, and even a couple of miles of interstate.

It performed flawlessly. That thing is a tractor or a rocket ship depending on gear and throttle position. Me likey

Seems a little rear heavy. Makes for some interesting sand riding. I've always had to get way back and lighten the front to go fast in sand. Not on this bike. I wanted to get some hours on it before I picked up a damper. I think I'll get one but I want to move the bars back directly above the stem first. Right now I have them in position 3, clamps towards rear but in front hole. More to come on that...

Still seems geared low with the 14 on front and 52 on back. Stock is 13/52. I think I'll get a 48 for the back and see what that feels like. I'll keep the 52 around for tight technical single track.

I got it good and hot a couple of times and spit up some coolant. I picked up a fan and will be posting pics of that install some time this coming week. Might even try to figure out a coolant overflow catch can but haven't a clue where I'll mount it.

Fuel seems to get really hot. Not quit boiling yet but hot enough to overwhelm the vent and build serious pressure. At one point it was trying to spit the inline vent out of the tubing and I could hear it hissing. This was after some particularly tight single track with the sun beating down and no wind.

I changed the oil before this ride at 1.2 hours and it was debris free and clean. I'll do a valve check and oil change this coming week and report back.

I got 40 mpg on easier terrain, the fuel light came on at 71 and it was still running at 82 and took slightly over 2 gallons. I got about 36 over a 120 mile day of harder stuff.

Overall I couldn't be happier. The FI is spectacular, the bike feels as light as my old 03 250EXC, and the suspension is spot on. I'm 229 w/o gear and am running .50s in front and a 8.5-11 progressive in back. I get 105 race and 30 static with that setup. Might have to go lighter on both ends as I approach my 200lb goal.

At the beginning of the day

After 120 miles of challenging terrain... and some mud.

more to come...
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