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I've had a report of a cradle failure....

Well, even though I'm a one-man operation, I apparently have an employee named "MURPHY." I'd like to kick his ass.....

I coincidentally received a report of a cradle breaking from a fellow inmate, moments after making the above updated post. I'm bummed, of course - it's the first reported failure - the top cover cracked down the middle somehow. It wasn't even in use or on a bike. These things have been bomb-proof, running in the hands of folks from Canada to Mexico, and lots of riding off-road in Baja. But I can't be as bummed as the guy who had his cradle break - discovering it after he got off a plane in Thailand. So he's without, after buying one for his trip over there, and all I can do is relate - and it sucks.

So, it's busted, and I will replace it. And I'm not going to hide the fact - so within the hour of me finding out about it I'm going to post it here.

With that having been said - I still think they are "bomb-proof." All of the building and prototyping and testing and riding hours in the field - it survived great, but it couldn't take the airlines.

Everyone who's bought one from me please check your cradles and make sure they are alright. Talk to me. My guy in Thailand will send me pics and I'll post them here if he doesn't. (He's being way cool about it, by the way.) I wish it didn't happen, but since it did, all I can do is replace it and hope all goes well from here. It's the first time one has broken. I knew I should have had my guys crash harder on them down in Baja.

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