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As a South African motorcyclist myself, living in the USA for 11 years now, and having never taken advantage of riding those stunning parts of Southern Africa, I feel both disheartened that I'll likely never see these parts of my Motherland like this, but also incredibly lucky and enheartened by being able to enjoy the area though your fantastic Ride Reports.

You guys clearly KNOW what life is about. What is important to experience. Too many of us don't. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put all of this together and reminding us about the things we should NOT delay. It's easy for us to say, "Man, you're so LUCKY!" when reading these adventures. guys clearly know how to make your own "luck." It takes some significant effort and commitment. Too many of us tend to shy away from this effort....because it's hard.

You guys prove that it's all about making the conscious decision to ACT...and to DO IT...and this is what leads to these types of wonderful memories.

Thank you, Metaljockey, Nardus and Hennie for these reports. They are so much more than just great pics and writing. They are flirting with the much deeper aspect of the "meaning of life..." and they make we question myself whether I have the balls to take similar action and just DO IT!

You guys ROCK. Respek, manne!

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