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It's a short cut, really
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Tried to ride Rieff/Rayhouse after Sand Creek yesterday.

Water in Cache Creek is so high that the low-water-bridge on the Capay side is impossible to cross.

The bridge can not even be seen under the water and the current over it is probably at about 10-15 mph.....that's FAST and carries a LOT of force.

For anyone that does not understand water and curents, the water on the downstsream side of the bridge will be acting like a giant "tumble dryer" only with water.

This bridge posses what I'd consider an EXTREME DANGER to anyone uninformed enough to try to ride across it.....really....when the current knocks you off, you most likely will not surface on the downstream side for a long-long time (you'll be caught in the tumble-dryer)

Give this one a rest until the water drops.

Dunno if the west side gate is open or closed since I used another route.
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