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Originally Posted by h8chains
john jumped off his bike and we rushed to see cathy

cathy looks fine when we got there

luckily both cathy and bike landed only about 10 feet below; here's john securing a tow rope around the front fork.

i decided to call help since we didn't think 3 people can haul the bike up. so i rode to catch the FFs, and saw the marathon race volunteers along the way

i kept riding for about another mile to get the FFs but decided that they're already too far by now since it has been over 30 minutes had passed.
turn around and talked to the volunteers and asked for assistance and more ropes.

great to see people helping people....

thanks to these 3 men....

cathy surely left a big impression on this ride......

more pics coming and the videos too...
DRZ love there tricks. ROLL OVER! good boy
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