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Originally Posted by JohnnyAirtime
I'll be ordering as well!
... a great idea, and something that solves a problem (because retrofitting an H4 into a BD light, or TT... isn't going to give you decent beam patterns on the road or trail. It's simply a waste of time. me on this). Hats off to Boatman for the MOD!

I however, like the IPF version of the reflector a bit better than the Hella (I have both, have tested both... with Halogen and HID H4). I'll be fitting an H4 "Dual-HID" into the reflector, and using a 35W ballast for low beam and a 55W ballast for high beam. When I'm on the trail, I'll run both low... and high beam, and have the ultimate in high output lighting.

I currently do this in a more "street friendly" or "dual-purpose" looking light frame and have had great success... with incredible light output.

... can't wait to get my order!
I'll be using this when I'm NOT ever on the street, but camping or night rides in the desert.

Got mine... and did an H4 Dual HID conversion to a Hella 7", and an IPF 7".
... so far, I like the IPF better when using the HID bulbs. Much cleaner output. However, here's a sneak peak into the Baja Designs plastic shell and my dual ballast/igniter install and two toggle switches to operate low and high of the HID. SO NICE to be able to run low beam, and high beam at the same time... to get incredible output for that night time ride!!

Sadly, I didn't take "in action" pictures on a ride this past Saturday. No moon... perfect desert weather... and a hundred miles all from 9pm to 2AM. So nice to have light to ride with.

BTW, the IPF requires a tad bit larger outer ring (obtained with light sanding), and the inner ring needs to be flipped over. Easy peezy!
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