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Heavy sigh...

It's no fault of yours, but the old girl is a sore subject. I owned her for over 13
years and almost 40,000mi and she was a dream. My first bike, and never one
mechanical problem. Never let me down in numerous hair-raising situations,
commuting, touring, and, ahem, "stupiding".

When I got the R-Sport, I just didn't like her laying around gathering dust so I
sold her to a friend who was getting back on the road after 25 years of raising
kid's and knuckling under to the wife's wishes.

Less than 6 months later he got t-boned at 4-way stop less than a mile from his
home. He lost his left leg just above the knee and is just getting used to his
prosthetic. I'm glad he's OK, but on the other hand, I miss her.

'87 K75S (I'll love you forever, baby)
'07 K1200R Sport (Sorry, baby)
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