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Originally Posted by neduro
I think a 2 stroke is not desirable for 3 reasons:

1) Half the Dakar is paved or at least untimed and open and boring, usually. That's a lot of km both for wear and tear and also for discomfort.

2) Power and power delivery: The big 4 strokes have an edge both on power and how it is delivered for carving up two track, which is the order of the day.

3) Fuel Economy: my 300, ridden at a fast pace and on the mainjet, burns substantially more fuel than my 530 ridden alongside it. Both are jetted to the best of my ability...

Don't get me wrong, I love the 2 strokes, but I'd hate to sit on one a few hundred klicks of pavement a day, between the good bits no less...
Hey Neduro,

When you refer to the 4 stroke having an edge are you refering in general to the larger bikes, 650cc plus or the 450's or 530's. Now that there is the 450 limit in place for pro's in 2011 and the rest of us 2012 onward can we disregard your point 2 or do you think there is still too much of a gap.

If a 300 KTM is close enough to the 450's in terms of torque etc we would just be left with comfort and fuel range.

When you say that the 300 is way more thirsty than the 530, what sort of riding did that involve. Was it a thrash or were you short shifting and riding the torque.

Neduro's comments or others very welcome.
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