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The Sheriton Abuja

Our spot in the car park

Cosy eh!

not all bad

Simon loved it

Might have been some political probs when we were there, not sure though? Not really a coup or even coup-ish

Crossed the border in an out of the way place. The border guards started taking photos and so let Simon take some of them - bizarre! The lad with the gun thought he was Rambo and was posing about with it. Then he tried to steal Hans camelbak. He needs a trip to smacked bottom land and a lecture about firearm safety.

Taking a break further on - I was in a quiet / bad mood that day. Still, me and Si stopped five mins down the road to help a tourist van change a puncture. I made it a bit easier by showing them the extension to their hydraulic jack... voila!!

Later that day we camped at a village Hans had bought firewood from a day earlier. The people were so nice we asked if we could stay.

Peter and the villages

Bikes under trees, we camped under a similar row

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