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Double Take Mirror- a new (and better) Dual Sport Mirror

I have never found a satisfactory dualsport mirror. All of them are prone to breakage, or they don't really get out of the way when folded, or they are lousy for actually seeing what's behind you (and some manage to have all three faults). Last fall, I dropped my bike and found myself buying two(!) new master cylinders as a result, and I decided it was time to make a really good mirror, one that would function well as a mirror, and also protect the bike (and me) from damage.

I had three goals for my design:

1) That it work as well as an OEM mirror for seeing what was going on behind;
2) that it could fold completely out of the way, safe from giving or receiving damage when offroad;
3) and, that it be tough. Ideally, it would even have some ability to give in a crash and prevent damage not only to the mirror, but also to the bike.

Many experiments later, and I am happy to say I've found the answer.

I give you the Double Take Mirror.

The benefits of this system are many, but let me expand on a few.

First, because there are two ball joints, you have the ability to position it exactly where you want it, both when extended for viewing, and also when folded away. On most bikes, you can fold it perfectly along the handlebars, out of the way of any conceivable crash, and without blocking the view of the speedometer or GPS.

Second, because there is adjustable tension, it is easy to position it and then lock it in place. The system uses RAM-Mount components, which are well known for their durability and effectiveness.

Third, the joints are stiff enough to hold the mirror at triple digit speeds, but will move if they are struck, which protects you from injury and your bike from damage. I'm sure it is possible to break the mirror, but I haven't succeeded yet and I've tried pretty hard, going so far as to race an enduro with the mirror in place. The body is made from 43% glass filled Zytel, which is really tough stuff.

Other benefits:
- Easy to remove the mirror entirely- just loosen the RAM arm, and remove it along with the mirror.
- Convex lens- we used SAE spec convex glass that provides a nicer field of view than a flat piece would, while retaining the ability to focus on details. Are those Crown Victoria headlights, or can I speed up?
- Universal fit- You can easily swap the mirrors between bikes.
- Can be positioned further out than a stock mirror, resulting in seeing more of what is behind you and less of your elbow.

The mirror is available here, and it costs $25. If you need RAM components, we also stock and sell the parts you'll need for your bike.
Doubletake Mirrors- Folding D/S mirror that is both useful and indestructible.

Dual Sport Riding Techniques DVDs: Clear instructional DVDs to improve off-road skills.
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