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Where I camped was a very run down RV park next to the Laura Ingalls Wilder home. I am guessing there is not as much interest in this as there used to be. In fact Iíll bet a lot of younger folk have never heard of her.

I found some nice back roads and pretty country

Then I found my way to the next state south.

This is from a bank of Bull Shoals lake.

Once I made it to Eureka Springs I jumped off on a GPS track I found on another site. It was billed as a dirt road track from Eureka Springs to Oark. It was a combination of some dirt some rock and some pavement. It was a great ride for a dual sport bike. The following are pictures from it.

I rambled on westbound from Oark and decided since I was so cold camping the night before I decided to get a cheap room. Thankfully I found one with secure inside parking.

The days statistics

The next day was the next state west.

This was a cool historical area in Oklahoma.

A roadside waterfall.

My reports usually include some of these.

They have assigned parking spots. Signs say (unit 1 only, unit 2 only, unit 3 only, unit 4 only.)

Continuing on,

Those last few pictures were in an OHV park I stumbled across. I might have to bring the dirt bike to explore it further someday.

Roadside monument

If your O.K. Iím O.K.

Somewhere north of Bartlesville.

I came across an old rancher struggling to get a few cattle back in a pen. I stopped to help and we made short work of it. He turned and headed off before we could talk.

For those of you doing the Trans Am Trail and you slab it through Oklahoma instead of following the route you are missing out. There is great riding and scenery there.

They are calling me back to work again. More later.
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