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I got to Elgin Kansas and was surprised at the big wide brick streets in remarkably good condition. The buildings have all been long abandoned and if you will notice in the picture they just left the clothing inventory hanging in the window.

One of the reasons I prefer to travel alone on motorcycle is because you are approachable by locals. As I was taking pictures up rolled a guy more than willing to visit. Meet “Thunder”. That’s his name not the dogs.

He had about three dogs in the truck with him and three or four more following along. When he stopped to talk with me they all jumped in the cab. I got a quick education about the town that involved 17 bars, 15 whore houses and lots of activity. He said the stock market crash and the railroad leaving town in the 30’s just killed it all. I got his name and number. If half the stories he told are true it bears some research. Hell of a nice guy. I may go back.

I decide I am homesick so I turn towards home. This type of place is my favorite to stop and get a burger and shake. It was delicious.

No more pictures because I was slabbing it home. I think these are pretty respectable stats considering the first 300 miles were roaming around back roads. Yes it was a quick 300 mile trip home. This is a great bike.

The end. I hope you enjoyed it. I sure did.
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