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Originally Posted by xdbx
What's the story with the reflector? Can you post a picture of how that's implemented?
The reflector is glass, and it has the same bend as SAE spec for driver side rearview mirrors - 40" radius of bend. The effect is subtle but gives better field of view, without making things that are close look far away.

I wanted an indestructible reflector, so I tried a bunch of different plastic options, but chose against them all for two reasons. First, when they get muddy and you wipe them off with your glove, they scratch. Glass is about the only thing that doesn't. Second, the optical qualities left something to be desired.

They are held in place with silicone, and are inside a bezel molded into the mirror. So far, I've not had any come loose or break, and I've tried pretty hard.

If you break the mirror stalk, I'll replace it for free, just send me a picture and a story. If you break the lens itself, you can buy a replacement on the site, which is better than any other mirror company will do.

You can see the bezel in this shot, if you look really hard (and ignore the scenery!)...

Originally Posted by wachs
Finally! Nice work Ned - what took you so long?
Getting the details right took forever! Hi, Dave!
Doubletake Mirrors- Folding D/S mirror that is both useful and indestructible.

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