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New tag...Here is Dewey nestled in the leaves just at the base of a large tree.

Now covered up with a small piece of wood and some leaves....

Now a little further back and you can clearly see the tree with the small piece of wood covering Dewey just at the bottom right of the trunk....

and even further back....

Now you can see the bike with the tree to the right. We are looking roughly East on this road. Looks like they have horses around here...

Yup for sure......probably Fox hunting....

Here is looking West.....the tree you can see now left of the bike....this is the only place on this road where you can see what is in these pics.

If you come at this road from the West and you see only have a short distance to go before the drop spot. If you approach the road from the East, and you have not yet got the tag and you see have gone too far.

Now for some additional clues. This is a 3 digit road whose numbers add up to 15. The road itself runs roughly East/West and is about 4 miles long....most of the road is gravel. The tag location is approximately half way along the road. The road name is a homonyn with the word that would go in front of the following words if used in a sentence:

Hay, Trash, Junk, Wood, Ass.

If you have not been on this road before you should give it a try....fantastic country road....great ride. Good luck.

PS: One thing I forgot to mention is that there is 1 dog on this road that loves to chase bikes, cars, geese, rabbits, anything. Gives you a chance to work on your "Steady speed, Wait till he makes his move, Slow down abruptly, Wait for his turn back, Speed up"'s a hoot watching him try to change directions...

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