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Originally Posted by Tsilatipac
I recently bought a 230L for my wife and I to share. I really wanted a big adventure bike but needed to ride something with my son on his 140. A big adventure bike didn't fit the bill. My wife also wanted to be able to ride it and the 230 was as big as she could go.

Fast forward a month or two and my wife hasn't ridden the bike yet. It looks like I will be 99% rider. The good news is that it makes a great little commuter bike. 144 miles on the first tank of gas. I only live 3.6 miles from work so it sure beats taking the pickup to work.

I really don't have a point of reference for this little bike but it feels anemic to me. Does changing the pipe really add power or just make it louder? Are folks rejetting them? I haven't done any research yet.

You would have to remove the air constriction at both ends. Doesn't do much good to open up the pipe without opening up the air box too. I did the mods to my XT250 and gained some low end torque, but you probably won't see an increase on the top speed. I'm certainly no expert, by the way, these are just my observations. I took the XT back to stock setup cause it made it louder, and not a good kind of loud. It sounded horrible! If you open up the airbox somehow, and put an FMF pipe on it, you will see some sort of power gain I'm sure. The FMF should sound good too. When you get this thing on the trails, you won't miss the big adventure bike you wanted. If you do, just look in your rear view mirror cause that's where they'll be!
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