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a second set of off raod touring wheels

Hi Woody

I have a 2001 KTM 640 LC4 supermoto (European model) and have been searching and searching trying to find out whether it is possible to buy or build an off-road set of wheels for this bike. Everyone seems to want to go to more street orientated wheels but there is little info about switching the other way.

Can you just build up some LC4 Adventure wheels, pop them on and off you go? Is it possible to have two sets of wheels that are interchangeable without needing to change brake callipers? I've read somewhere that the spokes hit the calliper... My mind has turned to mush from days spent on the net trying to find out some more info so I cant remember where I read that.

The reason I ask is a friend is planning a trip through Morocco in his Landie and I would love to tag along on my bike but the sm wheels would be a nightmare in the sand ...

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