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Day Tripping in the Kootenay's - Kaslo to Gerrard

note: If you'd like to see the first portion of this route, check out my first RR:

Continuing on my theme of short and sweet rides around where I live, this week I'll post some pictures of this weekend's ride from Kaslo north on Highway 31, to Gerrard. This is some of my favourite country, it feels pretty wild, and there is lots to see. There is plenty of wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled.

I left my place around 8:00am, it was pretty cold out, and immediately wished I had brought some more layers of clothing to wear under my riding gear. I kept thinking, turn around, you're only a few minutes out....but I didn't...I was too excited to get going, the sun was just up, everything was cold and fresh... turning around just didn't fit in with my plans.
The first thing I saw was this car that had pulled onto the shoulder of the road, no one it, pretty wrecked. The dead deer was on the opposite shoulder in the distance. (the little lump directly above the driver's side mirror, I thought I'd spare you the graphic photo) Man, I wouldn't want to hit one on a bike.

As I mentioned before, Kaslo is a really great little town ... very picturesque, hit it on a sunny day, and you will never forget it.
There are two gas stations, the Esso at the south end of town has premium gas, the station in town doesn't.
Every year on the May long weekend, the Kaslo Logger Sports is held in the park down by the lake. I see they just put up new climbing poles, as well as new axe throwing targets.
Exactly where am I supposed to practice then??

The loggers race, two at a time, to see who can climb to the top of these poles, using a rope choker looped around the pole in front of them, and a steel spur strapped to each boot. It's one of the many events that as a spectator, you think, "There is NO WAY I could do that!" Even on a good day. Even not drunk.

This is the baseball diamond just behind where the logger's sports are held. There is also a great little camp ground and even a skateboard park. So bring your skateboard.

The town is full of turn of the century buildings...most of the old ones were built during the silver rush of the late 1800's

Who needs a fat house? Skinny houses are easier to clean.

I have my BMW panniers on for this ride... theoretically they could be stuffed with warm clothing.

This is known as the 'Kane House' ... it's a really great old 1890's mansion. I went to an amazing auction there once... selling off all the original contents of the house from the turn of the century. My lovely wife made me buy a beat up old cupboard, it was a pie-safe I think. A screened in cupboard to keep your baking safe from birds/bugs/animals. I won the bidding in front of a large crowd of mainly locals. There was an audible gasp at the final hammer, as the auctioneer repeated how much I had just paid for what amounted to some rusted screen and old boards.

It was quiet on main street. This dog seemed shy...and didn't want to look directly at the camera.

I got talking to somebody and had asked if the snow would be all gone on the road to the Mt. Buchanan lookout, which offers a stunning view of Kaslo and the lake. They didn't think so, but suggested the Wardner Street an alternative.

Excellent! Even if I couldn't ride up to the top , I could still do a short hike and get my bird's eye view of town.

.8 km ...that's not far. So I kept my riding gear on, ditched the helmet and gloves, grabbed the camera and started up the trail. Now, .8 km isn't far if you are in say, Saskatchewan. This being BC, it was like taking the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building. I was sweating like a pig when I finally staggered up to the viewpoint. I'm glad I didn't run into anyone else. Hiking in riding gear isn't funny!

Nice little house with big yard and great view...nasty thistles though!

Right, enough of town...let's hit the road.

Today being April 25th, I was so glad I opted not to bring my warm clothing and instead left room in the panniers for my tire chains.

By the way, I just switched to a SmugMug account rather than Flickr...I figure its a good idea to support this site. (and it works really well so far)

This whole area has loads of old miners cabins and homesteads...there are some really cool old mine shafts up the lake...I'll take some pics...

Lost Ledge is a beautiful little campground...

Wouldn't it be great to pitch a tent here? This is looking North up Kootenay Lake....the weather is still kind of cold and cloudy...

Almost at the top end of the lake is a little town called Lardeau. Davis Creek is where the town gets its water, and is also the site of another really great camping spot. If you stop right at the bridge where Davis Creek runs under the road, there is an amazing trail that goes up the mountain above the Lardeau. If I remember right, its maybe 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes of pretty sweaty hiking...but the payoff is an insane view of the whole valley. There are also mountain goats up there...the big shaggy white ones with little black horns. and cougars. And bears.
If you follow the creek for about 100 feet up behind the little pump shack, you can see a really cool old mine shaft.

Hmmmm. I wonder if they were looking for this sparkly rock? If I smashed this bit of rock out of here, could I afford a new Shoei Hornet??

I wonder what this greenish rock is? Copper?

I'm not a big fan of caves. This is as far as I'm going. What if it's a BAT cave? or a BEAR cave. Or a cave full of toxic gas?? They should post exactly what kind of cave this is at the entrance. this space! More pics and riding coming tomorrow...

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