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Originally Posted by StinkyBoy
good stuff.
I'm planning on attending the BC Big Trailee 5 in June, where hopefully some of the local riders will share/show us the great spots around there.

You are in the heart of dualsport riding right there. Keep the pics coming.
Hey thanks...I'll post some more pics tomorrow...I've never been on a big group ride....I wonder how many riders will be on the BC Big Trailee?

Years ago I spent a summer building a cabin in Lardeau, which I sold as soon as it was done. I thought I'd stop in and see it. It's always a bit weird visiting your past.
The rock bluffs in the background of this picture are where you can see Mountain Goats. Its fun to sit on the beach with binoculars and follow them as they skip along the cliff face.

I like this 'address' sign....hopefully the owners won't mind me having a quick look.

Here's a not-so-great- picture of the cabin when I had just finished it. I built it out of 2x6 that I had salvaged from an old distillery. The siding was milled from a cedar tree that stood where the cabin is now, the cedar shingles are from Remco Cedar Mill just up the road, the windows were from the dump at meadow Creek.... I lived in a 16' diameter teepee for the summer .... as I was slightly crazy then.

I had cleared all the brush in front of the place, so it had a fantastic view of the lake, and the mountains, and even Macbeth Glacier...I guess the current owners are more into privacy....

Here is the bathroom complete with granite topped vanity, steam shower, tiled/heated floor, heated towel rack, bidet etc. ...

This is a really small one room cabin that is in the trees next to my old place...if you stayed there, I bet you would feel compelled to listen to 'Green Day' on your ipod.

Down at the beach ... looking towards Argenta. interesting piece of reminds me of once when I helped my Dad salvage wood from a grain elevator in Alberta...the years of grain rushing across the wood had worn away the softer sections, and it looked just like this.

heading back to the road and north....this cedar fence caught my eye, looks like it had just been built...I have always liked split rail fences.

Just a few kilometers up the road the lake ends ...

a quick mountain goat check....

I'll put one derelict vehicle in here, just to meet my minimum Ride Report Rusting Junker quota.

Cooper Creek (Lardeau Valley Service) is the last gas stop for a while ...

Meadow Creek is in a really beautiful wide valley, with some great farms on the flats as you head north.

Great farmhouse! It looks Dutch.

Looking across the farmland to some pretty wild country...still winter up there.

Drifters is the only place to eat around's sort of 'early 1980's skidder operator' vibe restaurant. I'm glad its there, it saved me from having to eat something of my own making, many times.

The place was packed.

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