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1996 R1100GS. About 80,000 miles. Not sure exactly the total because the speedo broke in Peru.

In March I rode it from Wisconsin to LA and back, with three 1000 mile days, and the bike was perfect. The last day was 970 miles in 13.5 hours.

A week later, the bike was rough to start. It would dog/bog down a little, but once warmed up, it went fine around town.

Sunday, I rode it from Madison to Minneapolis. It was about 45 and rainy when I left. It took about 40 miles before the bike warmed up. It kept doing a new, "skipping" type of thing. I figured it was because it was cold.

(In an un-related act of stupidity, I got nailed for passing a truck and a semi in a double-yellow, $215.)

After about 200 miles, I noticed that it was hard to go 80 mph. I wasn't getting the normal zip. I wondered if the snorkel pre-filter was wet and clogged, because it had been in the snorkel for the last 5000 miles. I stopped at a gas station and pulled it out. The pre-filter was dirty, but after removing it, there was no change.

At 2:00 this afternoon, I put 8 gallons of fuel in, and I started for home. 5 miles later, the bike almost quit on me. I had been going about 65 mph eastbound on I94, just west of Saint Paul.

I was able to get off the highway. The bike quit. I was able to re-start it.

I called GS Diablo. He invited me to his house. I was able to get the bike to limp there. It wouldn't idle, and 40-50 mph was the fastest I could go.

We changed the fuel filter. The fuel pump seemed to be pumping tons of fuel- enough to squirt at least a few feet. Compression was good on both cylinders. We changed the spark plugs anyway. All the hoses seem to be tight.

GS Diablo is also a GS rider. We're both mainly riders- not mechanics- but we're not total idiots (well, he's not, but I probably am).

GS Diablo offered to lend me a 650GS to ride back to Madison, and then come back for the pig with my truck, but I decided to ride it home. I limped home. At 65 the bike would bog down. I'd down-shift to 4th, then 3rd. The bike would run smoothly, and then I'd try to shift back up. I could ride it at at 65 if I constantly feathered the throttle. 300 miles of constantly feathering the throttle pretty much wore me out, but the bike got me home.

What's wrong with it?

ps: GS Diablo is fucking AMAZING. One phonecall, and he took off from work to help me. Within 20 minutes I was filling every plastic jug in his house with gasoline. If you've ever tried draining an 11 gallon touratech tank, you know what I'm talking about.
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