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Taken from Cal Poly Penguins Website

Another successful Dual Sport come and gone
Written by Penguin Master
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 02:03

We want to thank ALL of our supporters for coming out to the 2010 Hi-Mountain Penguin Dual Sport!

The ride was overall a huge success for both our club and (from the overall response of the riders) you!

A special thanks goes to those that opened up their ranches for our cause and to the two fellow penguins

that got it all together, Joan and Bob.

As most of you know by now, our annual Dual Sport is what keeps the Penguins Motorcycle club afloat

financially. Not to mention, it's probably about one of the funnest rides out there that a two-wheeled

vehicle can experience!

Again, thanks to all who showed this year. If you didn't, you definitely missed out!

Be on the look-out for a forum that we're going to attempt to run again with a specially marked board

just for dual-sport content. Feel free to throw up any comments, pictures, or videos that you may have.

The photographer here obviously knew what he/she was doing.
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