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Originally Posted by Roughshod
Splendid photo's "Your' cabin is looking a hundred years old already! Looks great nestled in the trees! The old Buffalo Brewery here in Calgary (where you bought the "hoppsy smelling wood) still has a huge pile of rough cut lumber in large dimensions, which Im trying to acquire.
Do you have a map of your completed trip on the first posting, I forget? Also, when I do finally get down there on my DR, maybe we can do the ranch country tour. My Dad wants to know what the Brookmere range looks like now. A couple more weeks of welding and I'm free to do a four day trip. Keep posting cuz.
Hey Roughshod! The pile of 2x6's I bought at that distillery had apparently been infused with liquor over the years...they smelled fantastic whenever I sawed through one!
I'll post a map of this little jaunt later...
Also, I'll P.M. you re: Ranch Dual Sport Fun!

Blacktop ends, gravel begins...always a welcome sign! This is the old Marblehead Station, which was a railway stop at the turn of the century. There is an old marble quarry just down the road, which is where the marble that went into building the courthouse and city hall in Nelson came from. I think they used to barge it down the lake from the quarry.

Too bad the train no longer runs here....although I'd have my doubts about taking this car anywhere either...

The old Quarry

Into the wild.....

The Lardeau River is a wild, braided channel, with a glacial green tinge to the water.

I noticed an amazing amount of beaver activity...dams, lodges and chewed down trees. This is a beaver lodge where they wait out the winter in comfort, and still have access to the water from a submerged entrance, underneath the ice and snow.

I saw mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, two kinds of grouse, osprey, eagles, and a huge brown bear on this trip...unfortunately by the time you hit the brakes, dig out the camera and take off the are left staring at tracks on the dirt road.

Nice wooden bridge ... skookum, as they say around here.

Lost or brave? Actually, as you can see, the road is great....

Saw this old nag dozing in the sun...the weird stuff on his mane and tail are burrs! The owners should give him a short haircut...that looks uncomfortable.

There are a few hardy souls living along this stretch...

These dogs came bounding out while I was taking the last picture....they looked like Great Pyrenees crossed with something else..

Look at the size of this old stump..... you can see the notches where the old axemen would insert a springboard to stand on, so they could get above the broad flaring base of the tree before they started sawing. By hand. With big long whippy saws.

One of the many creeks that feed into the Lardeau River

The trees almost touched each other over this section of the felt like riding through a friendly green tunnel...

Some great old cabins along here ...

The sign in the window says 'NOT FOR SALE' . So stop asking. Sheesh.

more to come ....stay tuned! ...
I'd love to hear some comments...have you taken a ride up this way? Planning a trip to this neck of the woods? Lived in a beaverlodge before?

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