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Originally Posted by codyrides
Hey Guys, got some really good news about the gravel route. I have spent quite a bit of time studying maps, Google Earth and scouting. In addition, I made it over to Kinko’s today and printed my TDOT map of Hickman County. It is three feet tall and four feet wide.

In half an hour of looking over my new map, I figured the following out. I believe it to be about 95% accurate.

There are 75 water crossings in all of Hickman County. Our route will take us through 40 of them. It is an out and back run, about 35ish miles in one direction. All said, it is good for about 70 miles and 80 crossings total. It can also be shortened on the fly as needed. Cdq3 is working on a GPS map of it, so we will know just how long it is, and can share it.

How does that sound?
Sounds good to me. Love the gps stuff. Hope this ride is on a day I'm available... back to post one to check....
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