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Well I did bunch of searching for the perfect ear plugs because I did not want to accept the fact that I may have wasted $800 on a windscreen that I hated. I ended up buying the Hearos plugs (only $7 for 7) and BOOM!-quiet. It permitted me to focus on what the real issue is and it's not buffeting but wind noise. And a LOT of it. I'm not used to HAVING to wear ear plugs, but at least there is a solution. I had tried some less adequate foam ones, as well as the wax plugs and it still sucked. (I had always assumed that the wax ones were about the best solution since they are essentially solid instead of porous.) I'm happy now for what it's worth. Not happy that I have to wear plugs, but happy that I can have quiet on the highway now at speed. And thank goodness I didn't make a hasty decision, like I came so close to doing, to buy the Aeroflow. I'm sure it's a great windscreen (I have one on my 1150ADV and love it) but it just doesn't seem like as good of a match as the Desierto on this bike. Again, I am getting almost zero buffeting. The exception being strong cross winds, but I suppose that's to be expected. Just wanted to post to be fair to TT.
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