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Originally Posted by LukasM

People that think that 14.7 is optimal for anything other than emissions are clearly clueless about engine tuning.
Well, soooooorrry, there Lukas! I guess I'm just fucking clueless then!! I meant that I gravitate more towards the stoi ratio of 14.7:1. I actually found myself achieving the best results on my KLR's with about 14:1 using a lambda sensor and meter kit ( and I had the exhaust header drilled and a bung welded in for the sensor. It's common knowledge that, of course, stoi 14.7:1 is hardly achievable on any engine that constantly changes RPM and load, like a motorcycle or car engine. Now, that said, on a generator motor or something of similar nature that maintains a constant RPM and load? Hell yeah, you can achieve 14.7:1 safely and effectively.

And btw, 14.7:1 is completely safe. In fact, contradicting such a fact would be disagreeing with decades of hard scientific evidence regarding the internal combustion engine! I'm with Joel on this one, guys. Anyone feeling the need go any richer than 14:1 is looking for spark plug fouling, damage to catalytic convertors, a reduction in fuel economy, etc. But, yeah, you will increase HP slightly.
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