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It's a short cut, really
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Just rode Rieff/Rayhouse West to East today. The gate on the west side was closed but NOT locked, swung it open and closed it behind me (like I was trained to do by my dairyfarmer grandad).

It was raining off-and-on so the ride up to the gate loaded the knobbies with mud but they cleaned off nicely on the rocky sections. The bit from the top "4-way" interesction down to Hwy l6 was dryer....just damp. Erosion ruts are a bit worse than last year but not as bad as I would have expected. If people keep using this route, I think it will stay passable for several more years.

The low-water bridge is dry and water level is about 12 inches below the pavement. As noted there is a fallen tree over the trail about a mile west of Cache Creek. There is enough room to get a big bike with windscreen/fairing through carefully.

Went south on 16 to Rd 41 (Sand Creek Rd) which is also open. The gravel stream bed about 1/2 mile from the gate is dry and easier to get across than last time I was through.

Took the slab from Arbuckle south to the homestead trying to race the rain clouds - partially sucessful

Wild flowers (if you're into that kinda thing) are everywhere.
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