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Originally Posted by LukasM
So you tuned your KLR with the G2 gauge then? Did you do it on a dyno? Any graphs?
No need for a dyno. I read the meter while riding under actual conditions. I adjusted fuel air mixture with needle size and jet sizes until I was sitting at 14:1 on the meter. 14:1 felt and worked the best for economy and power. IMHO, a fuel/air mixture gauge is far more accurate than a dyno. Dyno's and charts aren't realistic. I want to set up the fuel/air mixture while riding under loads and conditions that I will likely encounter during use. Not in a lab on a treadmill.

Originally Posted by LukasM
Whether 14.7 is completely safe depends on a multitude of factors, for example the compression ratio, fuel octane, ignition timing, induction type, etc. I would like to see you run a high compression drag racing engine or even a low compression one with 20 lbs of boost at your "completely safe" 14.7:1 on standard gas. You'd be picking up your pistons in pieces.
Exactly what I said earlier. Repeat.

Originally Posted by LukasM
In case of a stock F800GS, this is unlikely to be an issue. But then again, if you were going to reprogram your EFI to compensate for the free flowing exhaust, air filter, etc why not make it optimal instead of just safe? You know, like, rich at full load and lean for cruising? More power and still get better mileage?
Agreed. Optimal and safe sometimes fall at the same ratio though.

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