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Hi all, I'm new to posting, though have lurked for a bit.. hubby (tom327cat) suggested I should get off my butt and post, so here I am...

in early 2008 he bought me a little red scooter.. i'd been in a bad car accident in 2007 and was just starting to get moving again and wasn't up to too much, so he got me a little Chinese 50 cc scooter to get around the neighborhood and into town in, instead of the big ole truck.. heh..
don't have too many pics of me on it, the kids tend to snag it when they can, but we've got a few where we were all playing around in our circle, so here they are..

this is of me chasing 2 of my stepdaughters on their scooters..

and this one is of Tom preparing to show the girls how it's done.. (weaving thru cones, that is..)

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