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Originally Posted by sparrow
Your joking right??
Nope. I hadn't planned on it, but the fact that I seem to be having a carb venting or some kind of problem on the 450 is factoring into it. When I tip the bike even slightly to the left, like one might do to spin a 180 to turn around, the engine wants to stall. Feels like it is flooding. But only to the left, does not do it to the right. Same thing happens when I go over a jump or something - starts to burble and sounds like it's going to stall. If it does stall, it takes a good bit to get it started again - like it was flooded. I made sure the vent hoses were not pinched, so maybe its internal. It's not the gas cap venting because I replaced that with a new one already.

The carb is probably due for a good cleaning, so I wonder if some little passage or something in there got a piece of dirt in and got clogged? Seemed to only notice this after the Devil's Ridge mud race mid-March.

I've been wanting to try the 200 in a race anyway. I just haven't had much seat time on it, so it I'm not sure it's a good idea in that respect. I'd be learning a lot about how it handles on the climbs and rough stuff on the fly.

If I can't figure out what's wrong tomorrow, I may switch for this race and see how it goes.
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