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New Zealand - April, 2009

A few photo's from a trip to New Zealand last year. Fortunately we did a bit of reading (primarily on Advrider ) to find some of the more out of the way trails before we left and it paid off in a big way. Absolutely amazing country.

Lees Valley, north of Christchurch.

Pat seemed all too familiar with the NZ locals! He reckoned he was just freeing it from the fence but I am not convinced

An afternoon run through the Rainbow Track revealed one sensational panorama after another. The spactacular scenery wasn't the only reason for it being memorable though.

The second point of recollection was this bloody gate

We had orgnaised permission from the owners to traverse the track before leaving Australia but the key was handed to the wrong group by the information centre in Hamner Springs and despite assurances that it would be left unlocked by them, it wasn't. We contemplated our options but figured it would be a cold night in the bush when there was still snow on the adjacent hill.

Took us a couple of back breaking hours to inch the 800 around the gate without dropping it into the river below, we even used a tow strap to brace it to the gate should we slip in the loose scree. The next morning when we spoke to the station managers, they said that the cows aren't even game enough to go around it. I guess it has now been attempted by at least one barvarian bovine .

We had to do a quick fix on Pat's bike in St Arnaud the next morning after it got caught on a strap. The front brake setup on the 800 seems pretty exposed for an adventure bike . We tracked down some parts at the servo (namely the lid off a tube of superglue and a biro tube) and fabricated a repair using quicksteel and some precision filing with the Leatherman. The funny part is, I think it worked better than the original.

There are definately worse spots to be completing running repairs on a hire bike!

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