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Originally Posted by hb7
These stock KTM folding mirrors started the trend.....
I wonder if you ever tried them? before making yours.
Yes, they are the prime reason why I thought something had to be done.

They are the best, IMO, of the previously existing options. They aren't terrible mirrors, although they tend to give you a great view of your elbow.

But they break, sometime without even a crash to cause it. Usually it's at the little ball end up by the mirror, or at the hinge- in any event, they can take very little punishment before they give up.

And, they don't get out of the way that well, even when folded they are still sticking up enough to provide both a reasonably sized target and a decent sized lever that can break the perch.

I think I've gone through about 10 sets over the years. Based on my testing, I believe my mirror would have survived every single one of the situations that broke those- In other words, I'd still be on my original set.

Out of curiosity, where did you source the adapter that allows mounting that mirror on the right hand side?
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