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Originally Posted by hb7
These stock KTM folding mirrors started the trend.....
I wonder if you ever tried them? before making yours.
Those mirrors, while honoring the "folding" moniker, just barely meet it and pale exponentially in comparison to the RAM mounted Doubletake mirror. With those mirrors, the plastic that the hinge is made from is super brittle, especially at low temperatures. The hinge is splined on the thrust/face of each piece, which over even a few swings of the hinge becomes worn and subsequently tighten the bolt, and those splines continue to wear until only friction holds it in place, and poorly at that. The mass of the arm(steel stalk) worsens this problem still(even when new); over rough ground or on a hard jump landing they simply flop down. A crash on the right hand side of the bike, for example, leaves them both flopped to the right and often the hinges broken, IME.

Yes-they fold. But the hinge is planar, and this means that often when you have the hinge oriented in the threaded socket ont he master cylinder mount so that the mirror swings into the right place(forward of the bar/grip so as not to interfere with the rider while standing as is often the case on an Adventure bike), when it is "folded"(or more adeptly described as "swung in") it often obstructs the GPS, spedometer, or other tripleclamp-mounted acutrements.

As a last criticism, the mirror and it's plastic housing itself is actually mounted to the outer end of the stalk on a balljoint - fantastic for "aiming" of the mirror but since it is simply a friction fit with the ball inside a plastic socket, each adjustment wears the socket and in some cases, due to mold issues I can only assume, they come right out of the box with a really loose balljoint - to the extent that above ~60 mph the mirror peeeeels back due to wind blast. This problem is exacerbated by temperature(heat); whereby it softens the plastic bearing surface and makes a loose balljoint looser.

Yes, I am glad to be done with those mirrors. Sold them off for 20 bucks.

Originally Posted by Rapid Dog are joking, RIGHT?
LOL...I hope so...
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