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So this weekend I bought another '85 K100 and thought it only right to send my old one some love by finishing this report. I’ll mainly be throwing in pictures with some commentary on aspects of the trip that deserve it. I’ve been itching for doing another trip, but this will have to suffice for now. (This trip started September 2008 - End of December 2008)

Here is a map that I put together of the trip, it is split for whatever reason so clicking on the link and then on page two will show you the end of the trip. I made each riding leg a different color as to make the distances and stops stand out.

View Luke“s Trip in a larger map

I really only had one real destination in Mexico, that was Cordoba, Veracruz where I stayed with a host family (lovely host sister) for a summer back in 2002. Other than that someone recommend hitting up Gomez Farias so a spent a night there enjoying the higher cool altitude and verdant forest.
The first road in Mexico after fighting through Matamores and hauling ass towards Cuidad Victoria for my first night in Mexico. I was coming from Corpus Cristi racing the sun and really didn't want to break my rule of not riding at night the first day. The road was nice and I was cruising at around 80mph when a hot woman wearing a red dress in a 5 series comes up next to me like I was stopped. I remember this distinctly. She looks over, I wave, she smiles, she puts the hammer down and suddenly I find myself playing catchup to this girl going 95mpg for the better part of a 10 minutes. She turned off somewhere along the way, and I kept going. It may have set the stage for the rest of the days to come. Riding fast and chasing women south of the border.

City center Ciudad Victoria at dusk.

Vista riding south from Cuidad Victoria

Gomez Farias city center

My second night in Mexico, a small hotel in El Cielo biological reserve. Great view off the back.

The grounds

Cerro del Bernal, view from carretera #80. A pleasant surprise.

Not much of note going down through Tampico heading towards Tuxpan. I got pulled over about halfway through Tampico, (first of many) a traffic cop waved me over. Stupidly, I pulled over spent the next 20 minutes listening and looking at his little book that showed motorcycles weren't allowed in the left lane. The book showed 75 dollars or something ridiculous and going to the local police dept to pay it. I speak a fair amount of Spanish which in some cases is more of a hindrance than anything. I kindly told him that there is no way I'm going to station to pay and wouldn't it be better for both of us if I just "paid" it now. He agreed, slipped him a $10, received more scolding and how dangerous it is to be in the fast lane, blah blah, and was off.

Happy to be in Tuxpan. Catching a water ferry to check out the Mexican Cuba Friendship Museum.

Said museum:
wikipedia: 'Tuxpan was also the port of departure for the yacht (Granma) that was used to transport Fidel Castro, his brother Raśl, Che Guevara and other fighters of the Cuban Revolution from Mexico to Cuba in 1956 for the purpose of overthrowing the regime of Fulgencio Batista.' It was actually a decent destination with some various relics. What motorcycle trip wouldn't be complete without a little Che? And after being asked for about the millionth time by a multitude of people, yes my trip is just like "The Motorcycle Diaries" and of course secretly I wish I was Che.

After Tuxpan it was down past Veracruz (spent some time there while studying zipped past it), and into my lovely host sister's arms in Cordoba.

I hadn't been in the Cordoba for 7 years and didn't really know exactly where their house was. I had emailed her about a week before and hadn't heard anything back, but what the hell this is an adventure. I knew her house was by the white paint factory where they produce the paint that goes on all the tree trunks. Other than that I had very little. I tried to use google maps satellite view to find the paint factory but it was pretty much useless. I pulled off the highway at the first exit for Cordoba, the intent was to do a moderate search before it got dark. If I couldn't find it, then I would just go get a hotel for the night and try again the next day. Repeat as necessary. Turns out there was a construction detour off of the main road that took me to a T. It all looked very familiar, I hung a right thinking this looks like their street. A few blocks down was their house. It really was a miracle, literally 10 minutes after getting off the highway I was parked at their house without knowing where to go. There was a hell of a welcome, tears, hugs. And after everyone regained their composure they asked me where everyone else was. I told them it was just myself and they stared in disbelief. I spent the next few hours eating, drinking, and reminiscing. It was good to be 'home'.

The generosity of the family is really second to none. During my first stay with them, my Spanish was in shambles, communication was difficult and the culture was foreign. During that stay, they honestly did become my family. They wished to be called hermana, mama, papa. And that they became.

Going out with the crew that night. A nice ratio.

My host brother and cousin took me up to the top of the local mountain, to watch the sunset with a couple 40ozs and chicas.

The entire crew.

After a few days the road was calling, and it was by far the hardest departure of the entire trip. Hugs, kisses, tears as I left, as I promised i'd return in the future. (This summer perhaps?) I burned through the rest of Mexico heading for the northern boarder of Belize. This is where the K100 really was at home. I took the toll roads mainly, and realized that really only the wealthy can afford to. The roads were pristine heading towards the Yucatan and the old girl ate up the miles. The bike was really at home keeping up with traffic which averaged 90-100 mph all day long. One long abandoned streak I decide to see what the silver German princess was made of, took her up to 120 and watched the landscape turn into a blur. She was insatiable and wanted more, but I backed her off. Got to love the flying brick. I spent a night in Villahermosa (bypass if you can) its just a large, dirty, oil boom city. Then made my way to Chetumal to prepare for the crossing into Belize.

Lots of these style suspension bridges.


In all her splendor

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