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As I mentioned before the race, pre-race practice did not go well. In hindsight, I think it was due to being tired. What I may have neglected to say when I said I rode like crap was that I spent the first two hours clearing the trail of briars and overgrowth before I ever got on the bike. I was making heavy use of a gas powered hedger to do that, and lifting it head height and more for the better part of two hours must have done my arms in. So my practice ride left a little bit to be desired. Unfortunately, it had me doubting myself and questioning my bike set-up. That was Friday evening, race was Sunday.

But the bike running poorly was very real, and I spent Saturday, the day before the race, removing the carburetor and giving it a good cleaning. I removed the top and the needle, removed the float bowl and all the jets, and removed all the vent tubing. I cleaned out the body and all the passages with high pressure cleaner, inspected and cleaned all the jets, replaced all the vent tubing with new, and generally did everything I could to eliminate any trouble spots. I then took several short test rides, which resulted in a needle clip adjustment and several fuel screw adjustments before I was satisfied. Have I mentioned I am soooo ready for fuel injection?

After all that, I then had all the regular prep to do like making sure my gear bag was packed, got ice, fruit, and drinks from the store, camel back filled and packed into the cooler, sandwiches made, cooler packed, tools packed up, truck and bike gassed up, and all the gear loaded. So it was a busy pre-race day for me.

And I didn't sleep all that great that night. So I was a little apprehensive going into this one. All this just as I was thinking I was starting to get the hang of the racing routine ...
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