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That's not the hare scramble format.

After having been through it, it turned out it was pretty navigable. Aside from a few incidents, most folks made it through OK, though I think someone did actually break their toe in that "gauntlet."

I really wish I could continue the report, but work is calling and I need to attend to that before I can post up the rest of the repot. Don't go away, though, I've got snapshots from the helmet cam coming up, as well as the whole first lap of the course on helmet cam as well. And I was not entirely successful in avoiding the trees as you will see at the end of Lap 1. Of course, this particular tree had course markers all over it, so that makes it even worse that I hit that one - it's lit up like a Christmas tree, you can see it from a mile away - yet that's the one I smack right into. And ... to make matters worse, since it was near the end of the lap just before scoring, I had my little snafu right in front of about a thousand spectators. Noooooo, it couldn't happen miles back in the woods where if a dirt biker hits a tree and no one is around to see it does it make a sound? Nope, it happened where LOTS of people saw it, one nearby girl even screamed a little.

More later ...
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