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Originally Posted by pclem12
all the time at idle, or only after having given it throttle?
I only rode it for a few minutes, but it appears to only happen after giving it throttle.

Originally Posted by dan-c
I'd check to see if the throttle cable is sticking or not seated first. Check the top of the carb or check the junction where the injector and carb cable join

Also make sure when you release the throttle from wide open (engine off) that you hear the slide clearly seat. You could even have the slide in wrong. I know some people will say you can't do that with a Mik but DAMHIK
I did disconnect the throttle cable when I cleaned the carb. I suppose it's possible I re-connected it wrong, but he said there was a "sticky throttle" problem before I touched it. He says that giving the throttle a twist or two fixes it.
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