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Originally Posted by eatpasta
yer first rally!! do you think you are ready? How can we track your progress? There has to be a site where we can watch the race, right?

Yep Im definitely going to the RALLY DOS SERTES.

Am I ready you ask? Going on the way I feel today, far from it. I think Im a bit depressed really, not sure why. I know it will pass in time. I went on a training ride again for the first time scince the rally school and it was awful. My hands cramped onto the bars, I fell down twice, nothing serious, but enough to gash open my burn wounds on the 2nd fall in a rocky section. I was exhausted and pissed off with myself. It was just not my day. I after my second flop, I cut the trip short only 40km out even though I had just previously had a serious talk with myself not to be a pissie, and to just man up and ride. Quite embarressing now that I think about it. "Oh, how far he hath fallen." Its worth mentioning that Im not this super-tough camel-man some you think I might be, and not all my posts are going to be bright and cheery. This is for myself as well, and I have a need to post what I am experiencing be it good or bad.

At least on the way back I diverted and did a technical section along the side of a mountain quite well, but probably because my mind was not on it. Oh, And I successfully crossed a deepish river twice, albeit a relatively smooth & easy crossing.

I spent the rest of the day moping about unable to work properly, unable to do anything really apart from sending my proof of deposit through to the organisation. I guess its good to have bad days because thats what makes a good day great. Also I read that its never good to trust in how you feel when youre trying to grow in character. Feelings should not get in the way of your vision. So Im just going to put my shoulder to the wheel and work through this.

Sitting here and thinking about it, part of my misery stems from the fact that my hands were both very sore, the burns have not healed yet, and my left middle finger swelled up nicely from feathering the clutch. I must have broken a bone there in March, even thought the x-ray never showed anything up. Ive been living and riding with this for some time now, and I guess its catching up on me. So Ive resolved to R & R for another two weeks. Not riding will give it a chance to heal properly. I will nevertheless continue with my gym sessions, but focus on torso and legs only during this time. Ill also use the time to get a lot of the paperwork out of the way, get my FIM licence, do the medical checks, get the medical insurance, sort out logistics and read up on nutrition and other stuff like that.

How will you be able to track my progress on the rally? We have to have tracking devices on the bikes for the Sertoes, so Im hoping there will be a tracking website like they are having for the NPO races in Africa. I plan to phone in to rally radio, I hope Packmule will show me how to do it and post my calls here and on the sertoes thread as well. Then there is the organization website as well. You have an option on the top right to switch to english.

Time to motivate myself with a couple of photos from last years Dos Sertoes:

Yes theres dunes in Brazil too!

River crossings is another big challenge on Sertoes. There are over 100 rivers to cross.

Only 13 weeks to go 98 days....... Im more positive already!



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