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Originally Posted by Rustykfd
Any ideas on how to plumb my 8500 x50 into the sena...............

Is a Jambra the best option out there for this?

Yes the Jabra A210 will do the trick. You can also search on eBay for 'stereo bluetooth transmitter'. Two issues though - first, none of these are weather resistant, and second, it's one more device that you have to charge up.

Here's a thought, though... Place the dongle in a location on the bike that is out of the weather. Many of these have a 5 volt USB-type charger, so connect the charger to the power of the bike - possibly a cigarette lighter adapter. Run a stereo extension lead from the adapter up to the radar detector. Now it's out of the weather, and you don't have to charge it.

I'm not sure if you're handy with electronics and soldering, but for things like XM/Sirius radios, in our shop, we'll remove the guts from the cigarette lighter charger, shrink tube the circuit board and run a hard wire power lead from it with a fuse to the bike's power source. Makes for a compact, secure installation.

So - tell you what - in my spare timeI will pick up a BT dongle and will see about working out the 12 volt power thing. In the interim, you can get something like the Jabra and power from its internal battery.

Was that a long enough answer to such a short question?
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