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GA to NY on a Clapped-out Bandit

My first ride report:

My supervisor walks up to me at
4:50 Friday afternoon 3 weeks ago and hands me my separation notice. Just Freakin LOVELY! Just when I was getting caught up on bills, now I gotta find another job in this crappy economy. Oh well, that job was going nowhere anyway.

The company filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy a few months back, and things were not looking good. They said there was not enough work to justify my (just above poverty level) salary. Luckily for me, my wife is understanding
, and is being supportive. Plus, I think she is glad to get rid of me for a few weeks.

Four and a half years with the company, and the only raise I got was a pay cut last year. Not exactly upwardly mobile.

Sitting in the Department of Labor parking lot next to my bike, I noticed some threads starting to show on the front tire. Perfect! The rear doesn’t look too hot either. That’s when it hit me: time for new tires, and a nice long trip to break ‘em in. But to what destination? How far should I venture away from home sweet home? The furthest I’ve been on the bike is about 200 miles, and I never done an overnighter.

I got the unemployment insurance deal started, it won’t be enough to pay the bills, but I just sold my old truck, and figure if I can sell a few more things on CraigsList and Ebay, I’d be good enough to go. I’ll be taking a tent, and some Ramen Noodles and Oatmeal, I just need to pick up one of those little stoves to cook them. I do have some friends along the way, so maybe I can grab a shower and steal a beer or three when they're not looking! I will be looking for VERY inexpensive accomodations. Free is for me....

My parents still live on Long Island, maybe I should surprise them with a visit. Yeah, that’s the ticket! On the way I can finally get to see the Tail of the Dragon, then take the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way up north. My kids are in school until the end of May, so they won’t even miss me.

I got my new tires mounted up, oil change is next. I bought a mount for my GPS, and some odds and ends for camping. I don’t have much money, but that will make it more exciting.

The bike is a 98 Bandit, it has been very reliable, and with my luck, I won't have any issues along the way.

Here is the bike in an old picture, it's got more love on it now:

And here is the "planned" route:

View NY Trip 2010 in a larger map

More to follow as it happens...I am leaving tomorrow morning (5/6), and I will post more when I get some interweb service.

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