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Sena / Autocom speaker comparison

Originally Posted by David_Moen
I will be interested to hear what you think of the audio quality in comparison to your Autocomm. That is what I am using now....
David - allow me to draw some comparisons for you. We install, sell and service Autocom and Starcom1, as well; we're very familiar with these systems.

Audio 'quality' is very subjective. What sounds great to one person, may not appeal to another, at all. That said, here's my take.

The Sena speakers are a snap to install, are much thinner than Autocom's and easier to position in a helmet's ear pocket. The sound is much different, though. The Autocom speakers do not have the the dynamic range of the Sena's, mostly on the high end. The Sena speakers are 'bright' and I believe they're well suited to digital program material like CD's and MP3's which are often compressed and flat sounding. The bass response is good, but much better if the speakers are very close, but not right up against your ears. For a few dollars, we can supply Autocom foam speaker spacers if the helmet has deep ear pockets, to get the speakers closer to your ear canals.

If you're accustomedto the Autocom's sidetone (hear your voice in your speakers) feature, and like it, the Sena may take a bit of getting used to, as there's no sidetone.

Microphone - you do not need to have the mic touching your lips, like you do with Autocom. in fact, the audio is better if the mic is maybe an inch (25mm) away from your mouth.

You will have no issues with sufficient speaker volume - even with earplugs. These things can run quite L*O*U*D.

I hope this insight is useful to you.
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