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Thanks for the kind words! Glad to see other K travelers out there.

The bike performed well with Cindy on the back, she really started to enjoy herself as time went on. After we got her over squeezing the hell out of me during crazy situations everything was good. Nothing like avoiding a car/landslide/animal while in a death lock hug. It was my first experience riding two up for such long distances, stopping is slower, a bit more unwieldy going slow, you adjust. I think some basic passenger advice before getting them on is important. Lean with me, if we go down just stay on the bike and don’t try to keep us upright using your legs, etc.

I was never for lack of power even climbing the steepest grades which was awesome. Steep grades can be a real pain in the ass because there are no passing sections and there are always rows of trucks chugging along at 10mph spewing tons of diesel smoke. The trick is to pass as many trucks at once an oncoming car or truck forces you back over. The craziest pass I remember was passing a semi that was also passing a semi all around a curve. It just wouldn’t have been possible without the hp I had on tap. I rode with the Seguin brothers
for a time and it really made me appreciate the K100 all that much more. More on that later.

I think the Corbin seat is a must on the K bikes; mine also had the small sissy bar which gave Cindy a lot more comfort and security. She could just lean back and enjoy the ride without me leaving her behind when I’d jump off the line.

As for the vapor lock, I never had an issue with it. I had read quite a bit on it. Maybe it is more of a problem on the faired bikes? While the wind protection would have been nice, I’ve heard they just roast you. I was more worried about the electronics, all that heavy rain really made me nervous.

I’ve always liked classic cars/bikes. It’s easy to get caught up with the latest and greatest. Nitpicking about this and that, in the end it’s always more about the ride than the bike or the destination. On some of the rougher sections Nate and I would be in the frame of mind of ‘shit, let’s just do it’

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