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Originally Posted by RocketMoto
JD - Can we get photos of you groovin' to LZ in your office, please?
Sure! I'll do my best to remember to get one taken this week before leaving for the RDV. I assume standard modeling fees apply?

Originally Posted by RocketMoto
The Sena's noise cancellation is very good. I'm still of the opinion that Autocom is tops in this area, but were talking about two completely different animals, here.
I'll be putting it to the real test beginning Thursday morning, two up on a smallish and barely-faired machine all day long, on roads up to and including Interstates. I still haven't informed the wife about it, although it's installed, charged, and ready to go on her helmet. Maybe I'll surprise her with it tomorrow, as it seems an appropriately romantic Mothers Day gift.
Why did I drink all of the ingredients for vomit?
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