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Originally Posted by Solstice0000
Sorry, Mr RocketMoto, but I didn't see any pairing of the Rider & Passenger headsets do we have to pair the Rider+Passenger headsets before or after the above-mentioned devices? Also, when do we pair this Rider headset to the 3 other Riders' Sena headsets (cos we can communicate with up to 4 other Sena headsets right - which, btw, is the Passenger's headset counted as 1 of the 4 other Sena headsets that can be paired together)? Thanks.
He didn't mention pairing the headsets together because it doesn't have any impact on the rest of the procedure, and can be done before or after what was presented, or I suppose at various points along the way. Pair them up ahead of time, or do it later, it just doesn't matter.

Yes, the passenger headset will be considered one of the four. The procedure for pairing the headsets together is clearly outlined in the manual (which you can read on-line at It takes a few seconds per pairing.
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