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Originally Posted by RocketMoto
Good questions. On the Sena, the pairing of the headsets to each other, is a separate function than pairing to the GPS, phone, iTouch, etc. This procedure should get you there.

  • Power off Blackberry
  • Pair the Zumo to Sena using the MP3, GPS, Phone option on the Zumo - that will utilize the Sena's headset profile
  • Turn on the BlackBerry
  • Pair the BB to the Zumo. This will use the Zumo's phone/hands-free profile. You will be able to dial out and accept calls from the Zumo's screen, with the audio in the headset.
  • Power off BlackBerry
  • Pair iPod to the Sena - this will use the A2DP profile for stereo music.
  • Turn on BlackBerry - Pair Sena to the BB - this will use the headset profile. You can answer calls using the 'phone button' on the Sena, or reject calls by tapping on the 'jog dial'
To simplify things, my suggestion is to power off any Bluetooth devices that you are not pairing to - so turn off the iPod and passenger's BB when pairing your setup.
Sweeeet. I will be sharing this with the girl tomorrow and if she agrees that this is what we both are looking for, you'll have another order Monday.
You have been warned.
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