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Originally Posted by Steverino
Woody The Wheel Dude,

I tend to be pretty hard on my wheel espcially when I am changing tires. I firmly believe in the "bigger hammer/longer bar" mentality whey it comes to changing them. The anodized Adventure wheels have not help up very well to my abuse. DO you think powder coating will result in a more durable mongo resistant finish?

steve,,,, POWDER-COATING is prone to chipping,,especially if the rim/object is not properly prepped in this case media blasting with a fine aluminum oxide-button hole mixture(the leftover material from making buttons) chips/flakes off especially bad when one powder coats over any anodized or smooth/polished surface like stock GS rims....NEVER let anyone sand blast any non ferrous component you have,,i guarantee it will ruin what you have and give you an orange peel horrible looking finish to boot!!! several passes with a sandblaster,,,you can wipe out ALL the lettering on your rim or any cast mag,,,itwill change the dimensions of the surfaces on your hub/wheels/rims where you mount your disc rotors causing major warpage,,,we had a customer bring his powdercoated wheels in from someone who did it 'cheaper',,,we noticed that the tires didn't POP on to the rim,,,they just oozed on,,,we mentioned it to him,,,sure enough ,,,he returns and complained that we didn't put the little weight dot by the valve stem,,,i didn't believe that but still moved it back to the valve stem and sent him on his way,,,only to have him return awhile later with the same problem,,,i fixed it again,,test rode it myself,slammed on the brakes and sure enough the tire shifted again,,,,MOVED 4 inches with one hard brake application!!!!,,,,careful inspection and measuring revealed the sandblasting had removed so much metal that it CHANGED THE CIRCUMFERENCE of his rim!!!!,,,,CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!,,,we finally used no tire mounting lube and used a special tire sealant/glue to minimize the problem.......

another possible problem we are noticing and investigating with the metallurgists is a correlation i'm noticing on MXrs that have brought me their powder-coated rims to lace up,,,are coming back with more flat spots to repair,,,,the 375 degree temperatures required to bake on the powder coat may be annealing/softening the original temper,,,haven't had any of the powdercoated GS wheels we've done come back with flat spots ,,,perhaps because the GS rims are supported better by the X-lace design...KTM Adventure riders are moaning and groaning how easy their stock rims get tacoed...too soft alloy rim,,heavier bike,,,standard style laced wheel,,,all these are contibuting to their problems,,,we are currently swapping their rims to Sun rims and beefier spokes/nipples with a better lace pattern,,,durability has increased dramatically

ANODIZING would be a better finish ,,we always have the rims 'hard anodized' for more durability,,,,,they do scratch when gouged by tire irons or rocks and if you are that hard on your rims i suggest ya stay with the shiny aluminum finish..we use touchless tire changers here,,,but when you are out in the toules anything goes,,,what's nice is ya can always use a colored sharpie/magic marker to touch up the spots.....woody

ps..there are products out there called rim protectors that can be slipped over the rim lips ,,unfortunately the GS rims have a very thick lip,,,the other thing is we use real michelin tire irons and they are polished up real nice to minimize marring the lips of your rims

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