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What a great weekend! It was nice seeing you guys again and meeting those I haven't met before. I'm glad Randy didn't get hurt in that mishap.

Here's our little RR:

My brother Han, Jo (jryden), and I met up @ Norm's in Huntington Beach for a quick lunch which turned out to be a long lunch

Han and Jo checking out his SWEET HM.

After lunch, we slabbed it north to CA-150 by lake Casitas to Ojai where Steven (MOTOSOTO) found us gassing up.

"No really, it's THIS big

The four of us rode up 33 where we came across a terrible accident involving a brand new CBR1000RR and a Toyota Camry. We hope the CBR's rider is OK.

We arrived @ The Place and got a quick bite to eat before setting up camp out back:

Soon, Martin (wheatwacker) and Benton (what's his SN?) show up and that's when the beer REALLY started flowing. I believe the official toll was 10 pitchers for 6 guys.

It got a little chilly overnight and we were awake well before the sleepy town of Ventucopa was. Salvation was at hand when they finally came and opened the restaurant

I think we're all happy we didn't get "Deliverence'd" and that we had hot plates in front of us

Gassing up before we all went our separate ways. Martin and Benton headed back to San Francisco while Steven headed to OC via 33. I took Jo and Han through Cierro Noresto.

Taking a break at Pyramid Lake before we too went our separate ways home.

Thanks again for the terrific weekend. Next time I'll try to get on some dirt.
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