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I wanted to find the family cemetery of Mary Gordon Duffee.

After the war, Mary's family moved to Blount Springs, Alabama, and Mary resumed her writings which included published articles in the New York Weekly Tribune.

The stories were mostly travel dialogues and her explorations into
the wilderness of central and west Alabama.

These were later published under her most famous work: Sketches of Alabama in 1887.

Mary died in 1920 as a recluse up on Duffee Mountain. There are those in the area that say Mary's spirit remains in the mountains and sightings of "strange lights" are attributed to Mary "continuing her writings" with the help of candlelight.

I found a facinating article by Charles Henry Hamilton.

This is excerpt from the article:

"It was about the year 1903 when Captain Duffee died. My father, the Rev. John H. Hamilton performed the burial for him. He was buried under a big poplar tree beside his father and mother. These graves was a stones throw from the old house they lived in. The house was built of wood. The front porch faced Blount Springs and had an 8 foot porch with railing around it. I went into the house with Miss Mary at this time and one room was piled about half way up the walls with newspapers and magazines. All kind of reading material and letters. She saved everything. The next room was full of twigs piled up with only a narrow place to walk through. Miss Mary was so afraid of fire, after her parents died, and would not allow a fire in the house. She would take a few twigs of wood outside the house and had a brick circle with rocks piled around this circle in which she would place the twigs and make a fire to make her coffee and to boil water. She did most of her cooking outside. The home was a six room house built on a "L" shape. Three rooms run back of each other. She lived in the east room and the house faced south of Blount Springs. The last room was the kitchen and next to it was a dining room. The other room was her brothers. After the funeral of Captain Duffee, that day, she told my father to come into the house and she gathered up all her brothers clothes and all his belongings and said, "Here John, take all these things for your boys. I don't want anything that belonged to my brother left here. Do as you please with any of them. I don't want them in the house"."

I wonder if I can find this place?
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