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I found it!


Another excerpt from the article by Charles Henry Hamilton:

"Miss Mary was six feet tall, slender and always dressed in a Mother-Hubbard dress or in men's clothes. She always carried a long rifle with her and she rode horseback, always side saddle. Her hair was sandy, combed to the back of her head and tied with a ribbon in a knot. She weighed about 130 pounds and wore high top laced shoes. I never saw her with a hat on. She would put a shawl over her head in bad weather and a croaker-sack around her shoulder and tied it under her neck fastened with a safety pin.

When I got near Miss Mary's house and near to her window, I called out to her, "Miss Mary," for a few minutes I heard no reply. And again I said, "Miss Mary, can I come in to see you?" She said, "I don't want to see anybody, go away!" I said, "Miss Mary, I am Charlie Hamilton, Rev. John Hamilton's son that you used to give me nickels when I was a little boy. I want to see you again, please." And she said, "If you are Charlie Hamilton, open that door and come in. I want to see you too." I opened the door and told her I had my wife and daughter with me, and she said, "Please come in." It was a sight I will never forget. It almost broke my heart to see her. She was frail, white as snow. Her bed had fallen in through the floor partly and she was lying cross-wise on a ć bed. Even though it was summer time, she had old quilts on her. She held out her feeble hand and I held it with tears in my eyes. And she also began to shed tears. With her voice weak, she said to me, "I am glad you came. I don't have many more days left." We stayed about 30 minutes and I asked her if I could take her down the mountain to be cared for until her death and she said, "No. I want to die here and you know where to bury me." I saw it was making her weak to talk and when we got ready to leave, I said, "Miss Mary, are you a Christian? Do you believe in God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ?" She answered me and said with tears in her eyes, "Charlie, I have been a Christian all my life. I do believe in God. I have never done anyone any harm. I love God and hope to be with him soon." She asked me to have a prayer with her and I did. She was lying cross ways on this bed and my wife and I helped to put her straight in bed. And I fixed the floor the best I could with what I could find. She was clean. Her hair combed back as she always wore it. She said, "Thank you, Charlie for coming and God bless you and your family." Mary and Isaac Point would go every day and clean her up, change her bed and night clothes, bring her food and feed her. I sure hated to leave her like that, but it was all I could do. I could not get back the next day. I had told her when I left I would be back again to see her. Two days later a runner from the mountain came down looking for me and said that Miss Mary was dead and had requested for me to bury her. I was a local minister at the time. I knew what I had to do and, with God's help, I did just what I knew Miss Mary would want me to do."

What an interesting place that is just full of history.

Let's go see what else we can find.
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