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This is what I have found as far as seals go. You can take it or leave it

Synergys can work ok. Some swear by them, some report lots of stiction with them. This in my book is bad. I had them leak at the same interval on one of my old dirtbikes. I went back to OEM on that bike. Not worth the $$ in my book.

Moose is cheapo aftermarket

Pivot works, I really wanted to like because it is a complete kit with bushings, seals and orings. It is also really cheap for me to buy from my distributor. But it is a piece of shit. The bushings do not fit the fork correctly and will cause long term problems. I didn't get as far as trying the seals. I would imagine more of the same. If anyone wants some pivot works seals and wipers to try $20 and I will sell you the brand new set.

MSR is junk too. Tried these on my 640 A for the same reasons. I can get them cheap. They lasted 1000miles of easy riding. That is pretty weak.

OEM is really good stuff. These do last for a long time when installed right. The downside is $$$

MX-tech makes a good 48mm seal for less money. Not too bad.

Pro X makes a good 48mm seal kit with wipers included that seem to be holding up very well since I have started using them. They are supposed to be OEM NOK seals. But?? They are made in Japan though. To me that is a good thing. I have installed these in lots of customer bikes with very good results. And I am running them on my bikes too. I sell this complete for $60 seals/wipers.
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