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Yeah got mine at ZMW. They were all spoken for though. Sorry.

Contrary to the gossip (some of which I had prescribed to), Frank filled me in on the truth regarding the delays and low #'s from Heidenau in Germany. He heard this directly from Heidenau USA, who was told it from Heidenau in Germany. Due to EN standards, European tire manufacturers have been forced to cease use of a certain acid. This specific acid was used to speed up cooling/drying of the tire while the tire was in the molds, so that they could pull the tire out of the mold within 4-5 minutes. Heidenau being a small operation and facility, this helped immensly, so they could keep their production numbers up to meet demand. However, since all EU tire manufacturers have been forced to halt use of this acid, it now takes 45 minutes of wait time before the tire can be pulled from the mold. This has slowed Heidenau's production considerably, on top of the fact that they are a small outfit in the first place. Output from the Heidenau plant has been reduced from over 1,000 tires per day to around 100. This is an EU-wide thing. Expect the same delays from any other EU small-sized tire manufacturer. He went on to confirm that it has nothing to do with a change in rubber compound. They never changed the compound. The compound remains the same, 140 and 150 alike. The only reason the 150 is even harder to get is because there isn't as much of a demand for them worldwide as the 140's. And again, being they are a small operation and can only output very few tires per day, they've decided to meet the demand for the 140 first.

So there you have it.
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